Our Products

Health Canada is currently creating regulations around additional delivery methods. Estimated to be in place by the end of 2019.


A less intrusive delivery method than smoking cannabis. It requires less harmful temperatures than smoking and is considerably less anti-social


once formally approved by Health Canada, will create a wide variety of new product lines. The edible consumption of cannabis through infused food and drinks is already extremely popular in areas that have legalized their use


Ingestible oils are cannabis concentrates that are also taken orally. They can be delivered as oils or in capsule form


An infused product which is applied under the tongue and absorbs through the membranes in the cheek


Topical applications are also infused products of lotions and balms which are applied directly to the skin


Transdermal cannabis patches are similar to NicoDerm™ patches that are used to assist cigarette cessation.  They are applied to the skin and deliver a slow-release of medical cannabis.