About Us


WILLIAM CAMPBELLDirector / Production & Propagation
William Campbell is from the community of Kwantlen First Nation.
BRIAN JONESFirst Nation Relations
Brian Jones is a proud member of the shíshálh Nation.

TLC Botanicals is a First Nations, holistic, family-oriented company that is committed to work alongside other First Nations and industry leaders to provide world class services to our clients. We believe that involvement in the cannabis industry can be hugely beneficial for First Nations.  Benefits can include, but are not limited to: revenue generation, employment and management opportunities, maximisation of real estate options, plus prestige and early-adopter status.

From a First Nations perspective Mother Earth provides medicinal values to many plants and cannabis is one of them. There are many active chemicals in cannabis that are recognised to have medicinal applications. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two well-known types of cannabinoids found in the plant.  However, the scientific basis for which cannabinoids can be utilised for medical treatments is still in the early stages of research. Nonetheless, acceptance and understanding of cannabis is leading to enormous amounts of global scientific research.

The foundation of TLC Botanicals is based on exploring the best options for the client.  The TLC Botanicals portfolio offers numerous options from which the client can select the options that best suit their unique circumstances.

The first option is to allocate real estate for space to cultivate cannabis in either an indoor or greenhouse environment.  The second option is to build a facility where dried cannabis can be extracted into oil products for use in numerous consumer products.  The third option is to have a manufacturing facility where extracted oils are utilised by converting into many products for consumers. The final option is to have a retail operation for sales directly to consumers.

Our goal at TLC Botanicals is to significantly contribute to the socio-economic prosperity of communities by showcasing the business opportunities with cannabis.  By working with TLC Botanicals you can establish which options best suit your situation and choose those that are most appropriate.